To vote or not to vote? That is not a question!

kids-playing-flagGo vote! If you haven’t already cast your vote, I sincerely ask you to get out and vote today. Now, you may be saying, “Well, I can’t pick, because I really don’t like either candidate.”

You may have a point, but not voting is a vote for the person you really really don’t want in the presidency of this country. I think it comes down to what is most important to you. Is life most important? Immigration? Business? You have to figure out what is the single most important thing that you could vote about and vote for the candidate that best supports that issue, in your opinion.

I believe we have to participate–it’s a right, and we need to exercise that right. As a Christian, I believe that life from conception to natural death is the most important issue for me, and therefore, I know which candidate supports that issue in the way that I approve of, or can at least support with my vote.

Life is a gift, and as soon as we determine whether we should live or die, we’re trying to play God, and we’re not God.

Vote for your children. Vote for the sake of being able to complain if the candidate you vote for doesn’t win and you disagree with what happens over the next four years. Vote for yourself. Vote for our future!

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