Rethink Happy Cover Art

Release date: June 14, 2016  Available to order now!

Are you happy? Really?

Have you experienced business success and wondered if there is something more?

Have you figured out how to be successful at home as well as in business?

Do you struggle with finding time to think?

Have you learned how to make sense of setbacks and “bad things happening to good people”?

Cleve has it all. Or so he thinks. Until an apparent chance encounter with an old man named Camino causes him to realize that what he believes is happiness is merely a shadow of the joy he could experience.

Yes, having money and cool cars and freedom is fun, but happiness is not a result of accumulating stuff. Told in a compelling parable format, Rethink Happy challenges readers to redefine authentic joy. Join Cleve as Camino leads him on a journey through three key principles of old-school philosophy and new-school science toward understanding the secrets of living authentic joy.

Doug Kisgen hit rock bottom in the early 2000s when the business he was trying to grow took on so muchIMG_9243 debt that he and his family could barely make ends meet. It was then Doug realized that success and happiness has less to do with him and his ego and more to do with something
much more profound. Since then, Doug has built and sold an INC5000 Fastest Growing Company and built a consulting business with clients in fifteen states across the US. “Rethink Happy” is Doug’s latest entrepreneurial venture, and the concepts he teaches through a parable format combine old-school philosophy with a little new-school science to help readers learn how to achieve authentic joy.


Praise for Rethink Happy

VerneHarnish“Scaling up a business not only takes its toll on the owner; it tends to spill over onto the family and other personal relationships, often ending in tragic messes. But it doesn’t need to be this way. We like to say that “routine sets you free”—and Doug’s book brilliantly highlights those routines that will set you free, bringing joy to both your life and those around you. It just requires the same skills needed to grow a successful business—focus and discipline.”

—Verne Harnish, CEO Gazelles and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

“Recent high profile business disasters have reminded us that intellect, degrees and 80 hour weeks are notDanMiller the essential ingredients for business success. In a delightful story form Rethink Happy captures the soul of business and reminds us that uncompromising character, respectful relationships and a commitment to the greater good of community lead to “uncommon” success and a life worth living.”

—Dan Miller, author 48 Days to the Work You Love

john diniRethink Happy is a wonderful surprise. Like any allegory, it takes the reader on the same journey as the protagonist, but most such stories telegraph the lesson long before the character in the book figures it out. Kisgen’s writing brings you along at the same speed, and with the same pleasure of discovery. Anyone who wonders why success in business is never…quite…enough owes this book to themselves!”

—John Dini, author Hunting in a Farmer’s World